Sun-film / Glass film

A glass film is a film made from plastic that is adhered to the glass for various purpose like Decoration, UV Protection, Privacy, Safety and Security, Heat retention etc.

Our Range of Glass film are categorized as- 
  • Sun-control film
  • Privacy film
  • Decorative film
  • Safety films
Based on customization our range of films are categorized as -
  • Customized Glass film - The privacy and decorative glass films can be customised by us as per client/ customer's given logo design.
  • Non -customized glass film -  These glass films come in ready made designs without any customisation.

Features of Sun-control film -

  • These films completely or partially block solar energy. Films specialized in blocking light and cutting down solar heat are called reflective films whereas films specialized in only cutting down solar heat and allowing light are called non-reflective films.
  • Reflective Films are coated with a micro-thin,partially transparent layer of metal and have a mirror like finish. They prevent visibility from outside (area of greater light intensity) during the day and vice-versa during the night. Total solar energy rejection is through reflection and absorption. On the other hand non reflective films are normal tinted films which primarily cuts the heat.
  • These films come in form of rolls having wide range of colors and film thickness of 1 mil to 2 mil.

Application - Window / door glass and other glass surface which are exposed to outside.

Features of Privacy film -

  • Privacy Glass is the best combination providing light however reducing the outside view. Privacy glass is completely guarded, with a haze of over 90%, yet it maintains high levels of light transmission through the glass.
  • These come in form of rolls having wide range of colors and film thickness of 2 mil.

Application - Washrooms, private rooms, smoking room etc.

Features of Decorative film-

  • Decorative films are films of multiple color, design and pattern used for aesthetic view of indoor glass panel/partitions however can be used for outdoor glasses too.
  • They are available in multiple colors and unique designs and offer wide scope for creating different environments and desired ambiance for home and office interiors. These enhance the aesthetics of the room.

Application - Glass doors, Glass panels,Glass partitions, Chamber glass etc.

Features of Safety film -

  • These films when applied on glass surface are specialized to provide safety against bullet/blast impact , theft protection, fire safety and any other cause that may result in breaking of glass into shards which may affect the housed people.
  • Safety films hold the glass in high impact situations like blasts for a longer time span, thus mitigating direct risk to the in housed people.
  • Safety films also protects your family and/or office space from potential theft. A feeling of safety and security enhances family life and makes offices and employees more productive, as they are in a safety conductive environment.
  • Safety and security films can contain the impact of glass to an optimum level, thus reducing the threat of users getting injured from the glass.
  • Safety films also provide UV protection along with security feature.
  • Safety films are ignition proof.
  • Safety films come in form of roll and have film thickness ranging from 4 mil to 7 mil.

Application - All residential, commercial and industrial use.



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