Doormat / Foot mat

A door-mat is a mat which is usually placed before a door, inside elevators, near swimming pools, kitchen or other entrance for hygienic (dirt wiping), slip resistance, wetness wiping , comfort and other related purposes.

Benefits of using our range of Doormat -
  • Hygiene - Doormat prevents a majority of outside dirt and sludge from entering into home and causing adverse health effects.
  • Prevents slip and fall - Doormat absorbs the wetness of the feet thereby reducing the slip due to wet feet. Further our range of Durowipe doormat prevent slips due to spills by diverting spilled liquid to down below the surface of the mat keeping top surface the sufficient gripping and friction making it ideal for swimming pool area.
  • Prevents floor from getting damaged - Internal flooring inside home may get damaged due to outside dirt and moisture which can readily be kept out using doormat.
  • Good for Pets -Pets are notorious for coming inside the house with their muddy feet and creating a mess. A well-placed doormat will help your four-legged friends to clean their feet before they track mud, dirt and other outdoor elements throughout your home.
  • Inviting - We want to make our home / shop feel warm and inviting and a doormat is one cost-effective way to add warmth to our home.
  • Aesthetics -We have a variety of colors,designs of doormat which can match your like. Doormat are a great addition to the aesthetics of any home and provide a welcoming warmth.


Our range of Doormat / Foot mat are categorized as-

PVC Doormat

These doormat are made from Poly vinyl Chloride and come in form of loop, tufts or hollowed mats. They have multiple uses and is one of the most popular product in India.

Synthetic fiber Doormat

These doormat are made of synthetic fiber such as poly amide with Rubber/PVC  backing.